Camera logo depicting the beautiful professional photos, video tour and floor plans to market the property to gain maximum interest

High profile HD pictures, virtual video tour and floor plan

increasing exposure icon depicting the ranking of the property for let or sale on the internet is going to reach more people

Advertise your property on all major property sites with optimised ads to boost ranking

tenant management icon depicting the responsibility of viewings, holding deposts, full reference and credit checks

Tenant viewings, holding deposit and full reference and credit check

all documents are legal and comprehensive and is free for the customer, compliance with all uk laws and regulations are followed

Free tenancy agreement worth  £800 and all document transactions are compliant with all UK laws

  • Right to rent checks​​

  • Deposit protection details

  • Energy performance certificate

  • Gas safety certificate

  • How to Rent Guide

  • GDPR

key icon to depict he asssurance of security when colleting first months rent and deposit from the tenant and dealing with key handover

Collect first months rent and deposit for you and handle tenant key handover 




Landlord set up fee  

£350 and 7% of ongoing rent

building block icon to depict that PACK 2 also includes all the previous listed items in PACK 1

Includes PACK 1 

Inventory icon to depict the responsibility of a detailed inventory check of the property before handed to tenant and after tenant leaves to correctly claim from security deposit

Detailed inventory report for deposit claims

property management side of ongoing rent collection is covered and the user gets a monthly statement in order to keep their finances in order

Ongoing rent collection and monthly statements

at the end of the tenancy the protected deposit should be returned after a property inspection has taken place for damage

Deposit return process and property inspection at the end of tenancy



Landlord set up fee  

£400 and 8% of ongoing rent

building block icon to depict that all of PACK 3 contain everything listed in PACK 2 and therefore PACK 1 aswell

Includes PACK 2

Insurance quotes for building maintenance and liasing wih trstd contractors for ork outside of the insurance scheme

Sort out insurance cover and dealing with trusted tradesmen for quotes 

yearlong monitoring of house repairs and rent collection, and deal ith any tenant enquies

Ongoing maintenance and dealing with tenant queries

The responsibility of utilties and tax should be handed over from one tenant to the next easily so it is always paidand the liability does not lie on the landlord

Ensure utilities and tax are handed over to new tenants 

Checking Fire alarm, carbon dioxide detector and carbon monoxide detector and any other safety equipmentis checked and maintained

Fire safety equipment check or installation

Gas safety, electrical safety ( EIRC) and enegy performance certificats (EPC) are all needed in order to maintain compliancy with the UK law for lettings

Gas safety certificate, Electrical safety reports and EPC certificates

Tenant safety is in question when previous tenants have same key so rotation will be needed or swapping the locks after each tenancy.

Rotate locks and keys after tenancy